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Betta Bomber Jacket with Hood- Butter

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Introducing the Betta Bomber Jacket with Hoodie - The Epitome of Elegance and Versatility!

When it comes to sophistication and style, the Betta Bomber Jacket with Hoodie stands in a class of its own. This particular version is crafted from our exclusive butter-soft fabric, designed to complement the set with our new Monviso Cargo Joggers. It's a combination that seamlessly transitions from day to night, whether you're hitting the gym or jetting off on an adventure. With an international flair that never goes out of fashion, elegance is the key word for Elisabetta.

Key Features:

  1. Luxurious Butter-Soft Fabric: The Betta Bomber Jacket with Hoodie is all about comfort. Made from butter-soft fabric, it feels like a second skin. It's the perfect blend of luxury and functionality.

  2. Versatile Hoodie: The integrated hoodie adds an extra layer of style and warmth. Whether you're seeking a cozy feel on a chilly day or want to make a fashion statement, the hoodie has you covered.

  3. Monviso Cargo Joggers: To complete the look, pair the Betta Bomber Jacket with Hoodie with our Monviso Cargo Joggers. This ensemble is a match made in fashion heaven, perfect for various occasions and activities.

  4. From Day to Night: The versatility of this outfit is unmatched. You can effortlessly transition from a workout at the gym to catching a flight without missing a beat. It's the perfect wardrobe choice for the modern, on-the-go individual.

  5. International Flair: With its timeless design, this jacket and hoodie combo gives you an international look that's always in style. It's a statement piece that transcends borders and fashion eras.

  6. Elegance: As with all of Elisabetta's creations, elegance is at the forefront of this design. You'll exude a sense of grace and sophistication whether you're on a casual outing or attending an upscale event.

The Betta Bomber Jacket with Hoodie is more than just a piece of clothing; it's a lifestyle statement. Its butter-soft fabric, versatile hoodie, and compatibility with the Monviso Cargo Joggers make it a must-have for those who demand both style and comfort. Experience the international allure of this jacket and hoodie duo, custom-made in Los Angeles. Elegance and sophistication are always within reach with Elisabetta Rogiani.



Fabric Content: 89/11% Poly Spandex , 260 gr.

Care Instructions:
* Hand or machine wash cold, inside out
* No bleach
* Separate light and dark colors, wash separately
* Remove promptly from the washer
* Hang or lay flat to dry or tumble dry low
* Moisture-wicking
Made in Los Angeles
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