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About Rogiani

Born in Italy, a creative soul, I have always sought beauty and balance. While obtaining my doctorate of Pedagogy from the University of Perugia, I studied art with equal passion.

At the KOEFIA Academy of Haute Couture in Rome, I learned that a new creation starts with the fabric. My signature ER-lux has unparalleled quality with a cotton feel enhanced by the performance benefits of advanced fiber technology.

  • Fast Drying

  • Four-Way Stretch

  • Fully Breathable

  • Holds Shape

  • Maintains Color

  • Moisture Wicking

My collection colors are inspired by my experiences at the Pietro Vannucci Fine Arts Academy, and my studies at the Japanese Akane Kai textiles and at the Sumi-E Kawaii Art School in Los Angeles.

Practicing yoga and martial arts since my youth and being a fashion model for years I searched for the right pants: feminine, classy, and stylish. My life’s pursuits have lead to the creation of what I feel are the Perfect Pants.

OUR SHOWROOM IS IN: 7466 Beverly Blvd - Los Angeles CA

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