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Wrist Wrap

Two 12" long x 3" wide wrist wraps included -- one for the left wrist and one for the right wrist

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Product Description

When you lift weights it is important to protect the wrists from injury. Wrist guards wrap around your wrist to protect the tendons and ligaments of your wrists and your forearm muscles to help you focus on the target muscles groups when xercising. They keep your wrists straight and decrease the pressure on the tendons of the arms. You can use them for chest press, planks, pikes, push ups, hand stands, deadlifts, heavy bicep curls, pull ups. Anything that stresses the wrists. Our premium wraps provide you with the absolute best hand strength and support possible. Using them is easy and convenient, and only takes a second to wrap around your wrists.


Designed for weightlifting, boxing, MMA, CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, yoga, Pilates, typing, racquet sports, wheelchairs and most any activity that requires grip coupled with wrist stability

Two 12" long x 3" wide wrist wraps included -- one for the left wrist and one for the right wrist

Unisex -- one size fits both men and women with adjustable Velcro closure

Velcro closure is 4" long

Heavy duty elastic fabric with nylon thumblock

Fabric Information

Heavy Duty - Soft Feel Elastic
80/20 % Cotton Polyester

Wash with cold water and soap
Lay flat to dry - do not use dryer

You will love the way your wrists feel in our stylish wraps because they...

Provide wrist support and stability to enhance the intensity and duration of training sessions
Increase your strength
Alleviate pain associated with wrist fatigue, sprains, strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, arthritis, RA, and gout
Easy to adjust hook and loop closure allows you to customize the tightness for the perfect fit along with a thumblock to anchor perfect placement
Help prevent overuse injuries such as tendinitis, fractures, and carpal tunnel syndrome

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